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Dienstag, 3rd Mrz
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In March, Christoph Reiter is going to give a talk. It is going to be in English and Christoph will dive into the topic of testing. In particular, hypothesis and pytest.

Property-Based Testing with pytest & Hypothesis

With Hypothesis you can easily add property-based/QuickCheck like testing to
your existing pytest based test suite. Hypothesis provides various tools for
generating test data automatically for your tests with the goal of breaking them
and, if it succeeds, providing a simplified example input which is easy to
work/debug with.

We are going to look at how to add Hypothesis to an existing test suite; how
to generate various types of test data; how to write tests with it; how to
write our own custom data generators and finally we are going to look at how
various popular projects use Hypothesis in their test suites.
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