Membersmeeting: Improving the space, holding events

Once again, one month’s member’s meeting is adjourned and a lot of things are now to do. :)

Lots of things happened.

Today we got the last necessary parts for our pneumatic tube system aka lasercutter/OLGA ventilation system, for one. There’s a good chance that after one year it will finally be completed this month. For another, the curtain got done. We decided to improve on the rings (currently zip-ties) that hold it, finally found matching rings and ordered them.

NOC reports that project „one-member-account-for-everything“ has come closer to completion. Instead of suffering problem riddled and partially insecure LDAP and outdated Kerberos we started to develop our own GSSAPI-compatible authentification replacement project. Take a look.

Status on our ticket-system is not so good. We tested two but they are suboptimal and we remain unconvinced. Still, we need one.

Upcoming Events:

This Friday, there will be RetroGaming. NES, C64, GameCube, Amiga 500, SegaMaster, SuperNintendo, lots of fun! :-)

Starting next month, the Internet-of-Thinks / Homeautomation Meetup will become a regular thing. Every third Thursday of the month.

Somewhen after the Easter Holidays, there may be a Minix3 on BeagleBoneBlack install party.

GLT16 is coming up and we’ll have a booth and are considering organising some post-Linuxtage party or event.

Camp++ in Hungary in August now has a fixed entry on our schedule. Hopefully lots of Austrian Hackerspaces will take part.