Membersmeeting: Improving the space, holding events

Once again, one month’s member’s meeting is adjourned and a lot of things are now to do. :)

Lots of things happened.

Today we got the last necessary parts for our pneumatic tube system aka lasercutter/OLGA ventilation system, for one. There’s a good chance that after one year it will finally be completed this month. For another, the curtain got done. We decided to improve on the rings (currently zip-ties) that hold it, finally found matching rings and ordered them.

NOC reports that project „one-member-account-for-everything“ has come closer to completion. Instead of suffering problem riddled and partially insecure LDAP and outdated Kerberos we started to develop our own GSSAPI-compatible authentification replacement project. Take a look.

Status on our ticket-system is not so good. We tested two but they are suboptimal and we remain unconvinced. Still, we need one.

Upcoming Events:

This Friday, there will be RetroGaming. NES, C64, GameCube, Amiga 500, SegaMaster, SuperNintendo, lots of fun! :-)

Starting next month, the Internet-of-Thinks / Homeautomation Meetup will become a regular thing. Every third Thursday of the month.

Somewhen after the Easter Holidays, there may be a Minix3 on BeagleBoneBlack install party.

GLT16 is coming up and we’ll have a booth and are considering organising some post-Linuxtage party or event.

Camp++ in Hungary in August now has a fixed entry on our schedule. Hopefully lots of Austrian Hackerspaces will take part.

realraum bei der BeSt³


Der realraum war auf der diesjährigen BeSt³ vertreten. Die Messe für Beruf, Studium und Weiterbildung fand vom 15. bis 17. Oktober in der Grazer Messe statt. Wir konnten einige Projekte aus dem realraum präsentieren und das junge Publikum für die Technik begeistern. Besonders der Audiance Rection Indicator, intern auch Applausometer genannt, erfreute sich großer Beliebtheit.

Danke an alle Beteiligten, insbesondere Selene, Sasa und xro.

IMG_6323 IMG_6333 IMG_6312 IMG_6308


Mehr Bilder findet ihr in unserer Galerie