made with ♥ in realraum


Some of you might know this little signs saying „Made with ♥ in San Francisco“ (or similar) on the webpages and gadgets you love. We also make stuff with ♥, not all of it digital, so we made our own sign. :-)

If you feel like it, you can use our sign – our make your own. You can find the used file in our logo git Repository on GitHub. (By the way, we use the Cagliostro font for our logo.)

Wichtel Lamp

lampe4 lampe1 lampe2

Although not a big fan of Christmas, tradition, and Christmas tradition, Stefan used the realraum nightshift to build a lamp as a Wichtel present. The lamp features a mountain on the front side, which is lit from the inside by some simple LED setup. Furthermore, it is able to change the color of the light via an IR remote.

The process of creating the lamp involved vectorizing the image, lasercutting the pieces, rasping some small errors, soldering and glueing of all the things! So basically all important parts of realraum’s infrastructure were used in building the lamp. ;-)

lampe3 lampe5

Special thanks to erdbrbl, equinox and xro for their assistance, guidance, and teaching me how 2-components adhesive works.