Python Usergroup @ realraum

On February 1 there was once again the monthly Python Usergroup Graz meeting.
This time it didn’t take place at the Spektral, though, as at the
last second (well, a week in advance…) a schedule collision happened and the
nice folks behind spektral had to use that room for themselves. Luckily,
within a couple of hours a new venue for that evening was found at the
Realraum! Big thanks to Michael and everyone else who helped here!

So, what happened? We had two talks! Horst gave a short tour through some of
nice string-formatting mechanisms you have with Python, something he had already
written about here a couple of weeks ago. If you want to learn more, simply
read that post and visit, which contains many more examples 😉

Right after that, we had a quick introduction into some of the awesome things
you can do with Pandas. Big thanks to Moritz for that 😊 You can find his
slides on our mailinglist.

We also had three visitors from the Vienna Python usergroup who come by
every once in a while and who have their next meetup incl. a coding dojo
on February 17 at the Metalab 😊

The next meetup in Graz will be on March 1 most likely again at the
Spektral. Official announcement will be made soonish on,
our website and all the other nice places you can find us 😃