Report on membershipmeeting Feb2016

This months membership meetup was more cozy than usual. Also a lot more productive, judging on what happened the days after ;-)

The highlights:

  • Easterhegg 2016. Originally we wanted to help out with cool lighting and take part as a big realraum delegation from Graz. Unfortunately tickets were quite suddenly and unexpectadly sold out. So there will be no realraum @ Easterhegg 2016 Salzburg. Too bad. Very sad. Some of us are going to Revision16 instead though.
  • Lasercutter exhaustvent and OLGA vents. Is finally going to be built. See upcoming post with pictures.
  • Curtain: Will finally happen. New curtain rod installation was finished on Wednsday and Curtain is scheduled for hanging on Friday.
  • The future of our internet uplink is in flux. Interessting stuff will happen 2016/2017.
  • Finances: Over the next months we will test and then maybe introduce a new formal system for financing stuff in realraum.