Prototype Laser-cut Lamp

Since our last meeting for the upcoming Chaos Communication Camp 2019, an idea got stuck in my head (many actually, but this post is just about that one):
Lasercut some trapezoid lamps that make for a cosy atmosphere in our lounge tent. Leave enough space inside to put in any (battery powered) light at hand. Make them easy to assembly, so we just need to transport the sheets of wood and can easily assemble several of them at the location.

After a short discussion on IRC about who had time and ideas for the right approach, I decided to give it a try myself and see what I could do in about half a day.

See photos and videos in the gallery.


First I went looking for a trapezoid box maker. Turns out, there is none that I could find. Here is an otherwise impressive list of joint and box scripts, which I came across.

I decided to draw the box by hand in Inkscape, based on two different sized cubic boxes generated with an Inkscape extension. From these, I would take the top and bottom parts and create the trapezoid sides by rotating the generated finger-joint borders. So far so good. Of course I made a mistake and duplicated the wrong sides, but realized this in time to not waste any wood.

Lesen Sie weitere Prototype Laser-cut Lamp

Facing the Post-Antibiotic Era

Was tun, wenn Antibiotika nicht mehr wirken?Symposium des ÖGKV Steiermark

Dieser Frage haben sich zwei schlaue Köpfe aus unserem OLGA gewidmet. Über einige Monate hinweg experimentierten Daniel Derndorfer und Alex Tödling mit Bakteriophagen. Das sind Viren, die darauf spezialisiert sind Bakterien zu befallen und abzutöten. Somit könnten Phagen eine wirksame Alternative zur herkömmlichen Antibiotikatherapie darstellen.

Das gewonnene Fachwissen teilten die beiden dann Anfang März auf dem Symposium des Österreichischen Gesundheits- und Krankenpflegeverbandes (ÖGKV) anlässlich des 20-jährigen Bestehens der ARGE Hygiene.

Link zum Video der Präsentation:

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LoTHR mini Electronics Workbench Upgrade

Our mini electronics all-in-one box for LoTHR (so people in LoTHR don’t have to walk all the way to TESLA for the quick and small stuff), got an upgrade.

The previously empty top slot now features an XY-FZ35 programmable electronic load. Test your power supply, test your batteries capacity, draw a discharge graph, use it in ways not intended by it’s makers. (But if you break or brick it, You Replace And Fix It ASAP!)

The tiny cut-out on the top left of the load, features a mini-USB jack where we put an USB serial-TTL converter connected to the GND,TX,RX pins of the load. Using the easy command-set you can indeed periodically poll your batteries discharge rate, voltage on so on.

But even without USB, the thing is pretty nifty and allows you to set a limit on the amount of mAh to draw, or to stop after a specified time, and so on.