Einladung zum Geekend 2017#2

All Infos: https://wiki.realraum.at/geekend17-2

Program: https://wiki.realraum.at/geekend2017program.md

       ____           _    _____           _   _ _____    ____  
      / ___| ___  ___| | _| ____|_ __   __| | / |___  |  |___ \ 
     | |  _ / _ \/ _ \ |/ /  _| | '_ \ / _` | | |  / /____ __) |
     | |_| |  __/  __/   <| |___| | | | (_| | | | / /_____/ __/ 
      \____|\___|\___|_|\_\_____|_| |_|\__,_| |_|/_/     |_____|
    Dear Geeks and Beings,
    This is your invitation to Geekend 2017#2 in Graz!
    Like its predecessors [4] in Salzburg and Innsbruck [5],
    we are looking to have a cozy get together with our fellows
    from Hackerspaces in and around Austria.
    The program is still evolving, so there's plenty of room left
    to thrown in your ideas!  Currently we plan on some hacking, 
    biohacking, talks and productive orga-talk. (34c3 is coming)
    Warning: Socializing may occur.
    Practically minded persons will think of bringing money for food.
    Start: Friday 29.9 18:00 [1]
    End: Sunday 1.10. 16:00
    Location: Brockmanngasse 15-17, Graz, Austria
    For all details please visit our Wiki Page [2] and Pad [6]
    For Tips on Hostels, Hotels, etc in Graz see [3]

    Please feel free to forward this invitation.
    If you plan to come, help us plan ahead!
    Tell us you are coming: geekend@r3.at
    Looking forward to seeing you soon,
    Best of Greetings,
    The members of realraum
    [1] https://grical.realraum.at/e/show/911/
    [2] https://wiki.realraum.at/geekend17-2
    [3] https://wiki.realraum.at/unterkunft
    [4] "here in the south" for all you northerners
    [5] which we could not possibly measure up to.
    [6] https://pads.ccc.de/Geekend17Graz

Maker Faire Vienna 2017


Die MakerFaire Vienna 2017 #mfv17 ist vorbei, doch die Nächste kommt bestimmt.

Für uns war es die erste MakerFaire auf der wir als Hacker-/Maker-space als Aussteller vertreten waren.
Dafür tackteten wir auch mit einem 3 Tische-Stand gleich am Anfang der Stiege sowie einem einstündigen Programmierworkshop auf.
Toll dabei war also nicht nur das Gespräch mit all den anderen teilweise angenehm gleich verrückten Ausstellern.
Was wir besonders geschätzt haben, waren die Besucher welche sich mit leuchtenden Augen für unsere Projekte und Hacks interessiert haben.
All die Interessierten die mehr über DIY Technik und das Einfach-Selber-Machen wissen wollten und denen wir auch allerhand interessantes erzählen durften.

makerfairevienna-2017-05-20-16h45m57-by-hildegard-nexus-5makerfairevienna-2017-05-21-11h44m05-sessel makerfairevienna-2017-05-20-16h24m31-workshop makerfairevienna-2017-05-20-12h06m56-talk

OpenDrop @realraum

dsc_6278-jpg Last Monday, Rüdiger Trojok made a short stop at realraum on his way through Graz and gave a live Demo of OpenDrop, a cool BioHacking Hardware project of his that he has spent more than the last two years working on.

Opendrop, moves tiny drops of fluid (preferably water based) across a surface by way of electrostatic force manipulation.

It can arbitrarily mix or split drops of various chemicals or from various samples. Making it the ultimate microfluidic chemistry or molecular biology lab.

Or one can just use it to … you know … play pacman with colored drops of water.

Whatever the usecase, watching the tiny droplets zoom across the foliated surface, moved by an invisible force is quite awesome to watch. Science seldom looks so cool!